The Kroeger Twins Arrive

The beautiful Kroeger twins, Elijah and Isaac are being evaluated and monitored very closely by an incredible team of medical experts. Heather and Jason (kids too!!) are so grateful for all the prayers. Please keep them coming. The 5 older siblings get to spend time with their brothers and they love them dearly. Youngest Julia is so happy to be a big sister. She said today “they have blue eyes like me.” (Even though it’s too early to tell). There has been some good news about the boys as doctors continue to evaluate next steps and possible scenarios. They have very unique bodies and doctors are working to figure it all out.
Prayers matter and make such a difference! Please, we ask again to keep this family in the palm of God’s hands as you remember them while praying.
Thank you!  Please continue to support this family.

Posted by Laura Strietmann