Theresa Gray

Theresa Gray, is  a Co-founder of 1heart2souls.  She is married to Tevis Gray, an educator in the Boone County Schools System in Kentucky. Theresa and Tevis are parents of  nine children, Thirteen living grandchildren, and Six babies that enjoy a rewarded life in heaven.

Theresa and FamilyIn her professional career she has worked for fortune 500 companies  in the field of Finance.  Her primary vocation and experience as a mother and wife along with her business knowledge has contributed to the functional building of the organization.   However, her love of God is central to the mission of 1heart2souls.

Theresa’s vision and hope is that in supporting and bringing awareness to the  suffering and challenges of expectant parents who have received a poor prenatal diagnosis or have suffered the loss of an infant, that it will lead to further research on causes and prevention. More importantly, that the warm embrace of 1heart2souls is experienced through compassionate support.

The organization was inspired by her twin granddaughters,  Hope and Grace Klare, who were conjoined by one heart and lived for 46 minutes; the miscarriages suffered by her other children, and the many beautiful parents that care for wonderfully made children with disabilities or have suffered the loss of their baby(ies).