Mary Lou Slonkosky

Mary Lou Slonkosky is the Director of Development and Business Operations and a Board member for 1heart2souls.

She is a graduate of Morehead State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and minor in Marketing, she had a short career in banking before getting married to her husband (Edward) and raising a family of 11 children. She recently reentered the Marylou, Ed, Magdelenaworkforce as a retail manager for a sporting goods store.

Mary Lou is an avid runner and has run in the New York Marathon and the Boston Marathon. One year later to the day of running the Boston Marathon, Mary Lou found herself in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital anxiously watching as her 2 ½ month old daughter “Magdalena” was being prepped for open heart surgery. Born 3 weeks early and diagnosed with Trisomy 21, also known as Downs Syndrome, and upon being diagnosed with an Av Canal Heart Defect, Magdalena spent the first 4 months of her newborn life in the hospital.

Mary Lou attributes the graces necessary to endure the physical and mental demands that were brought about during this life changing event as gifts from God that were given to her thru her parents. Being the 13th of 15 children her family life was modest, simple, and joyful. She came to know the fruits of selfless love thru the example of her parents, where God was first, followed by family, love and sacrifice.