Luci Klare

Luci Gray Klare is a Co-Founder, Board Member and Speaker for 1heart2souls. She is married to Christopher Klare and resides in Luci and MariaNorthern Kentucky. Chris and Luci are the parents of five children, two in the embrace of Heaven and three in the embrace of their parents.  They continue to build their family as God asks of them, in the pursuit of doing His will in their lives.

Since the beginning of her first pregnancy, Luci ‘s love of writing along with her bright outlook on life inspired her to write and share the path she was traveling  through her pregnancy with conjoined twins. Her blog read by hundreds of readers, has given inspiration to many by her gift to love and respect life as God presents.

Because of their own experience, and their talent to communicate with young parents they are able to share their experience and help parents to move forward towards happier and brighter days.