Bridget’s Bridge to Hope

IMG_3481Yesterday, room 422 at Lexington Children’s PICU had allot of sunshine beaming in it, and it all came from the joyful hearts of Adam and Samantha as they held their little Bridget.

It did not matter that Bridget was not as responsive they hoped she would be at that point in time, but Bridget had fought the good fight and had crossed the bridge to a better place in her journey to recovery.  Adam and Samantha were clearly happy to have a chance to briefly hold their little girl once more.

This couple had prayed nearly nonstop at Bridget’s bedside.  They did not give up hope.  They reached out and asked for prayers from others, and many responded with their “yes”.  They knew they must reach out to heaven 20160730_142312for grace to be prepared for anything that might be given to them, but their confidence was in God alone. Because of their spiritual maturity, they understood that God does not create suffering but does provide grace to endure.  But like any desperate parents – they were asking the saints to beg God for Bridget’s healing.

Through the duration they placed her daddy’s blessed medals in her tiny hand. They reminded them that we are assisted by heaven.

Bridget is not completely out of the woods, but there is a strong indication that she could move out of PICU soon and happier days will be in the horizon.38450

We are happy that this journey is not ending but looks hopeful to better days and we believe we owe it to prayer and the wonderful care of Lexington Children’s hospital.

Prayer is natural.  It is a loving conversation with the Lord who loves us and helps us through the trials of life. Heaven is always tuned in to our calls, afterall “heaven is real.”