The Kroeger Twins Arrive

The beautiful Kroeger twins, Elijah and Isaac are being evaluated and monitored very closely by an incredible team of medical experts. Heather and Jason (kids too!!) are so grateful for all the prayers. Please keep them coming. The 5 older siblings get to spend time with their brothers and they love them dearly. Youngest Julia is so happy to be a big sister. She said today “they have blue eyes like me.” (Even though it’s too early to tell). There has been some good news about the boys as doctors continue to evaluate next steps and possible scenarios. They have very unique bodies and doctors are working to figure it all out.
Prayers matter and make such a difference! Please, we ask again to keep this family in the palm of God’s hands as you remember them while praying.
Thank you!  Please continue to support this family.

Posted by Laura Strietmann

The Gift of Self by theresa gray

A Greater Love by theresa gray

The greatest expression of love one can give is the gift of self.  This gift can be given in many ways, from defending one’s country in battle to sitting at the bedside of someone suffering, to reading a bedtime story to a child after a long day at work.   There is no shortage of opportunities for anyone to give this gift, this sacrificial gift that expands our hearts to receive God’s grace.

I want to share a bit about the Kroeger Family who have interrupted their daily lives to accept without question whatever God places in their day as they pray and wait for the arrival of Elijah and Isaac on their scheduled birth date of September 12th. Elijah and Isaac are conjoined by one body, but more importantly they have two hearts, two minds, two souls, and two strong and loving parents along with five siblings who are anxiously waiting.

The days will be long for the Kroeger family as the parents and five children adjust to being away from their North Carolina home and their normal routines. Jason, described by his wife as a faith filled Dad, returned to North Carolina to his job as an insurance agent and is planning his vacation time to return for the delivery of the twins.

Due to the generosity of donations received Jason will be able to take a few days off unpaid to be with Heather and the family.  Currently, Heather and the children have been provided temporary housing at a hotel with volunteers helping with the care of the children and meals.

Unfortunately, they are not close to the hospital and living 20 minutes away. This presents a jeopardy should the twins arrive early.  PLEASE if anyone knows of housing that is moderate in cost and close to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital or Good Samaritan on Clifton, text me (859)496-4149. The Ronald McDonald house is not an option since they have more than four in their family. Also, the length of term needed for housing is unknown at this time, so a month to month lease would be necessary.

I was able to meet all the family after accompanying Heather on all her appointments at Good Samaritan and Children’s.  It was a very long day full of information from various doctors, nurses, administrators, and counselors.  All consulting with each other as a team to deliver Elijah and Isaac safely to their parents arms.

But the center of attention through all this was Heather, the smiley and gentle mother of these two perfect souls who must forge through bravely each day with fearful regarding her babies. Without a complaint from Heather we went from one doctor appointment to another until nine hours later we ended with a team of professionals in one room where they provided in detail the boys delivery and their view of all the risks.  Not once did Heather flinch, not once did she complain, not once did she fail to say thank you and smile through her questions.

Life is precious, and Heather is giving the gift of self to her babies.  They are warm, playful, and listening to the sounds of their mommy’s heart and prayers as they grow in her womb.

This is the witness of extraordinary parents’  unconditional love – the gift of self.  It is fairly obvious that they have not second-guessed this difficult journey with their twin sons.  We ask  you to join in praying for them.  If you wish to donate to their cause please go to the following link. 100% donations will go to assist the Kroeger family.  Thank you, God Bless.

Elijah and Isaac Kroeger Go Fund Me Donations




Bridget’s Bridge to Hope

IMG_3481Yesterday, room 422 at Lexington Children’s PICU had allot of sunshine beaming in it, and it all came from the joyful hearts of Adam and Samantha as they held their little Bridget.

It did not matter that Bridget was not as responsive they hoped she would be at that point in time, but Bridget had fought the good fight and had crossed the bridge to a better place in her journey to recovery.  Adam and Samantha were clearly happy to have a chance to briefly hold their little girl once more.

This couple had prayed nearly nonstop at Bridget’s bedside.  They did not give up hope.  They reached out and asked for prayers from others, and many responded with their “yes”.  They knew they must reach out to heaven 20160730_142312for grace to be prepared for anything that might be given to them, but their confidence was in God alone. Because of their spiritual maturity, they understood that God does not create suffering but does provide grace to endure.  But like any desperate parents – they were asking the saints to beg God for Bridget’s healing.

Through the duration they placed her daddy’s blessed medals in her tiny hand. They reminded them that we are assisted by heaven.

Bridget is not completely out of the woods, but there is a strong indication that she could move out of PICU soon and happier days will be in the horizon.38450

We are happy that this journey is not ending but looks hopeful to better days and we believe we owe it to prayer and the wonderful care of Lexington Children’s hospital.

Prayer is natural.  It is a loving conversation with the Lord who loves us and helps us through the trials of life. Heaven is always tuned in to our calls, afterall “heaven is real.”